Annual Review

Annual Review 2023

As is now (sort of) traditional, it’s the end of the year so time for a pictorial review of some of the things I’ve done in the last 12 months.

My planned walk in January was cancelled due to flooding so I headed down to South coast for some exploring there instead
In April, I finally finished walking the Capital Ring which I had started in October 2020 (Obviously not walking for that whole time!)
In May, I completed the LDWA 100 mile walk. This photo was the welcome sight of the sun coming up at the start of the second day (having walked through the night and the whole day before)
In June, I went to an aquarium with some friends (I just love this action shot of the fish posing)
Later in June, I attended the Donauinselfest (Danube Island Festival) in Vienna (the second day wasn’t as wet as the first evening and was much busier)
In July, I completed the Nijmegen 4-day walk. Against what everyone says, the Netherlands isn’t all flat, although the hill in this photo is actually in Germany (in fact, the field at the front is too – the road marks the border!)
In August, my younger brother and I walked the West Highland Way. It rained a lot, but the scenery was spectacular (I should do a full write-up of this sometime…)
A visit to Melk, Austria in early October followed by a boat trip along the Danube which I’m pretty sure gave me food poisoning…
In late October I visited the USA. I took a load of photos (which should probably also end up as a blog post of its own in the future), but this is one of my favourites for showing the Autumn Fall colours
And finishing off the review with another visit down to the South coast

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