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Catching Up

It’s now the 7th 19th 21st January, which means it’s the perfect time to blog about Christmas.

Because it’s been so long since Christmas, and because I have more exciting things I want to blog about I’m going to keep this short.

Highlights included seeing my youngest niece again (and of course my sister, brother-in-law, brother, mum and dad), doing a secret Santa present giving (rather than the usual one for each person) and just generally not being in work.

Unfortunately I didn’t have long at my parents house because the adventures continue elsewhere…

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Number 9

This weekend I got to meet my latest niece. Annabel is just two months old and is my 9th nibling*.

* Nibling: A collective term for one’s nieces and nephews [Source: Urban Dictionary]

It’s always really fun to meet new babies and to see them growing up, so thanks sis.

Next up, I need to meet niblings 5 to 8 (and catch up with 1 to 4).

Out and about

Wild Dolphins!

Last weekend I visited my brother in Aberdeen. The city has currently been taken over by wild dolphins as part of a charity event.

Over the 3 days we saw 28 different dolphins (out of 50). There was a special app for keeping track of found dolphins although we didn’t discover this until the second day so the first three dolphins weren’t officially counted. Here’s our progress within the app:
Wild Dolphins app scoreboard

My favourite was probably Spiderdolphin, mainly because it wasn’t there and was obviously off fighting crime (and not being repaired like claimed). I also like The Great Wave at Aberdeen as it looks like it’s about to jump straight back into the North Sea.

Here’s one photo of each of the dolphins we saw: