Wordless Wednesday

Christmas is cancelled

So Christmas isn’t really happening this year*. I could post about how I shouldn’t really look forward to anything, but I already did that.

Instead, here’s some photos from past Christmases. (Turns out I actually don’t take many photos at Christmas – although there are a couple more here.)

Christmas tree – December 1994 (Also the first photo I took on my new Christmas present camera)

*I’m trying to think of it as delayed, rather than cancelled – I’m sure there’ll be something in post-vaccine 2021. And I’m also talking about the family get-together part of Christmas, rather than the religious part which is still very much happening.

Life event

Catching Up

It’s now the 7th 19th 21st January, which means it’s the perfect time to blog about Christmas.

Because it’s been so long since Christmas, and because I have more exciting things I want to blog about I’m going to keep this short.

Highlights included seeing my youngest niece again (and of course my sister, brother-in-law, brother, mum and dad), doing a secret Santa present giving (rather than the usual one for each person) and just generally not being in work.

Unfortunately I didn’t have long at my parents house because the adventures continue elsewhere…



Dear Family and Friends,

Today I fully intended to go Christmas shopping. However this is the view I have outside my window:

Therefore Christmas shopping will not be happening and no one will be getting any presents.

Thanks for understanding.

Lots of love,