Where I’m at now

First off, its been a while since I updated, rather than just apologising, I found this comic (which holds a lot of truths):

Back on topic, here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been doing:

  • Completed my degree – a masters in Aerospace Engineering with Private Pilot Instruction – I got a 2:1. Graduation is in 3 weeks
  • Had a two week holiday in Germany where I spent a lot of time looking at the local wildlife – they have these massive flying blue beetle things which seemed to be everywhere. This beetle looks very similar, but its not quite the same (since its only found in North America)
  • Moved back to my parent’s home where I’m currently looking for a job. If you know of any jobs going, let me know

I still have a few ideas for blog posts which I shall hopefully get round to writing soon.