Discussion: Phones on the table

Here’s the background:
I was out for a meal with my parents tonight and I saw a guy with his iphone lying out on his table [Note: I didn’t actually see him using his phone at all, it was just out]. I then saw another woman with a basic non-smartphone samsung phone out too and it got me thinking.

So here’s the discussion:

Is it permissible to have a phone out at a mealtime, especially if it’s at a restaurant?

My view:
I think it says that the person has more important things than the meal. On the other hand they may have been waiting for a very important message/phone call. Personally I kept my phone in my pocket and resisted the temptation to read the three emails I got until after my meal (they weren’t anything interesting anyway).

What are your views? Should it be acceptable? Is it wrong to pre-judge? Leave me a comment.

One reply on “Discussion: Phones on the table”

A friend of mine left her phone out while at a coffee shop & had it pinched from right under her nose. I’ll bet that made her lunch more interesting.

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