5 years on…

Last weekend was my school’s reunion for those who had left five years ago. It was strange to be back in a building which I had spent so much time in whilst growing up and not a lot had changed. Yes, the classrooms had got new tables and there were now TV screens in the corridors(?!), but it was still very recognisable.

I hadn’t seen many of the people though since leaving school so it was strange to see people again after so long. Most people hadn’t changed much and although I didn’t remember everyone at first I soon did.

Somehow though it all felt a bit disappointing. Here are a few possible reasons:

  • People hadn’t changed as much as I had expected them too
  • The £10 entry fee which wasn’t worth it for the one free drink and the limited buffet
  • The lack of a number of key people, there were about 40 people from a year of 160
  • Most people only cared if you had studied politics or economics / worked for one of the big graduate employeers / lived/worked in London [None of which are me]

Maybe its just that I’ve grown up and school was a long way in the past, after all it was almost a fifth of my life ago.

It could be worse though, my older brother reminded me that its ten years since he finished university.

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