Looking Forward

Next week I’m sitting some university exams. With the new lockdown rules in place, you might think they would be cancelled. But no, they’re still allowed within the rules so are still going ahead.

The week after that I was planning to take a week off work as a semi-reward, semi-recovery thing. With the new lockdown rules in place, of course that’s no longer going ahead as I hoped.

I was looking forward to having some time away from work and getting out of London and maybe doing something different. I was keeping it flexible as I knew things might change so fortunately I hadn’t booked anything but I had quite a few ideas. Now though, it looks like I’ll have to be at home the whole time without even being able to go out anywhere (other than for exercise/essential shopping).

I could go running everyday, but I’ve already done that. [Side note: Just seen that I’ve written one post titled Run Along and another one titled Running along. Not confusing at all. Sorry about that.] I could go walk all my local heritage trails, but I’ve already done that too.

So that’s my question for this week: what can I do in my week off that I can look forward to after the exams are done? Why is it all the fun stuff that’s cancelled? Is it too early to look forward to Christmas or should I expect that to be cancelled too?

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A very good question, I had been wondering the same.
How about
Growing some indoor plants?
Go for a run with strava and write a different word each day? Or a sentence? Depends how far you run!
Visit a place nearby beginning with each letter of the alphabet?
Go for a walk with a coin. Every time you get to a junction, flip it. Heads left, tails right. Voila, a random walk!
Put up Xmas decorations??

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