January Habits

January Habits Update: Journaling

We’re just over halfway through the year, so I’m going to review my January Habits and see how I’m getting on. This week, the final week, is Journaling.

This is another habit which I’ve (generally) kept going fairly steadily over the last few months, although to be honest I probably have slipped a bit and don’t always spend as much time on it as I could do. There has been the odd week when I’ve not felt like putting the time in on a Sunday evening to plan for the next week, but I have generally caught up. I have missed one or two weeks, including two weeks ago when I missed my weekly Wednesday evening blog post, so maybe I do need to keep at it.

In terms of content and layout, these have remained broadly similar (if you compare the below image to the one back in January). At the moment a lot of my entries are reminders of what runs I need to do in my marathon training plan, but it is quite handy to be able to see at a glance what I need to be doing that week and plan around it.

This week’s log pages (at time of writing)

The only thing that’s really changed (apart from the styling of the month in the top corner) is adding a couple more items to the tracker and modifying the colour requirements. It’s now more colourful, but I’m not sure I’m making the most of going back and comparing one week to the next.

Some weeks are better than others

I do intend to keep going with my journaling habit (such as it is), but I don’t think it’s completely embedded into my life yet. It may be that I need to tweak it slightly to make it more relevant day to day, but I’m fairly happy with it at the moment so will likely just keep going as I am.

And that’s it for my mid-year review of my January habits. Assuming I’m still blogging at that point, I’ll revisit them again in December to see if they’ve made it through a whole year (although I’ll probably combine them all into one post for a briefer overview).