10 Things

5 Things I learnt about Italy

This was meant to be a list of 10 things, unfortunately I could only think of 5 things and its been a week since I got back so I don’t imagine I will come up with any more.

  1. Italians can’t drive. It’s true, they either drive stupidly slowly or ridiculously fast and like to overtake on blind corners on mountain roads. It’s just crazy.
  2. Pizza variety is strange. There is a wide variety of choices, but they are all essentially the same with very small modifications.
  3. Wine is cheaper than beer. A glass of wine comes in at €2 rather than €4.50 for beer.
  4. Nothing happens during siesta time. This is even true for the man who would rather stand outside his office for an hour rather than pressing the gate button to let us off the campsite.
  5. They frown on women drinking beer. The waiter almost refused to accept that Amanda could drink beer.