Social Networking Review

Social Networking Review 11/05/11

Welcome to a new feature I invented today where I look at what I’ve been up to on various social networks. I have no idea how frequently I’ll do this feature (if at all).

First off, hello to the 4 people who have found my blog after reading about it on Twitter.
This week saw the new season of The Apprentice start on BBC TV and I tweeted about it and this got retweeted by the @bbcapprentice team which made me a momentary minor celebrity (in my eyes at least).

In related news, Twitter is great for Apprentice news/discussion during the show.

On Foursquare this week I became mayor of my local gym and also my local Halfords store. I was mayor of the gym before until someone stole it off me. Hopefully I can retain it now.

Nothing much happening here, I’m continuing to lose friends at a rate of 3 every fortnight. I’m not too worried though, most of them are people I’ve not spoken to in years.