Working on Saturdays

For the last few months, I’ve spent my Saturdays in the office due to high workloads. Now we’re in August, the workload has reduced, so no more working on Saturdays.

Since I’ve had today free, I thought I would detail some of the pros and cons of working on Saturdays. Some of them are interlinked, and some of them are just as easily put on either side of the list.

Additional pay1-day long weekend
Only person in the officeNo-one to run thoughts past
No distractions
(No emails/telephone calls/questions)
No distractions (All day is spent staring at the screen/working)
More productive daysDays are more intense and mentally draining
More relaxed than weekdays
(Getting in at 11am is much nicer)
Working later than normal to make up for late start
Cake/biscuits (The agreed morale booster for working on Saturdays)Eating too much cake

In low quantities, I don’t mind working on Saturdays but it’s nice to have longer weekends again. What should I do with them? Suggestions please, or otherwise I’ll just keep blogging about not doing stuff.