Turn up the bass

You may remember a few weeks ago, that I posted about my subwoofer burning itself out.

As a reminder, here’s what the circuit board looked like after I took it apart:

It didn’t look too promising once I had tried removing the burnt bits (mostly just the sealant), but probably causing even more damage to the circuit board in the process:

After a few hours of removing the old components and soldering in the new ones, I was left with a very dodgy looking board. It probably also didn’t help that I couldn’t exactly remember where the red wire went, or the capacitor that was randomly on the back.

But amazingly, after putting it all back together, my subwoofer works again! I really wasn’t expecting it given the amount of damage it had sustained, but there you go. Fortunately (unfortunately) it saves me a trip to Richer Sounds. But, by spending about £20 on capacitors (I have a lot of spares now), I saved myself a couple of hundred pounds on a new subwoofer.

I’m just waiting for something else to break now so I can use my awesome fixing skills to fix that too…